F a c t o r y p l a n n i n g


Market analyses

A sustainable and timely market analysis of supply and demand from the sphere of influence of the new factory is essential. The customers can benefit from our regional experience and networks.

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Choice of location image

Location determination

The location is a complex and responsible matter. We supply an professional assistance in infrastructure, customs, tax, employees, energy and transport.

Business plan

An accompanimnet our clients by creating of a reliable business plan with individiual, customer specificated economics devise among our portfolio.

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Factury projection image

Factory projecting

By factory planning our team draw on decades of experiences and solutions. This individual works planning will developed by the customer experts, Exicom GmbH and its partner suppliers.

Project implementation

The implementation of the signed factory plan will be realised in close co-ordination and co-operation with all implemented. These include among others architects, structural engineers, contractors and various machines, and equipment supplier.

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