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Technology transfer

Because of our experiences over the years in modern manufacturing systems for the furniture industry, we supply intensive, customer-oriented technology consulting, as well as the service for selected customers.

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Illustration of technological processes

In consideration of modern technology we automate the optimally processes in the value chain of a furniture factory. The work planning consider the ideal flow of materials, the perfect internal logistics, as well as modern implementation of lean production and lean management.

Software integration

With the constantly growing demands on the latest software for the planning and management the entire company we used to help with software modules in terms of PPS (production planning and control system) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) from proven suppliers.

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Process optimization (existing works)

In the existing works, we integrated under the consideration of the current production modernization and process improvements. This approved and tested experience from many previous projects are integrated in new projects.

Internal support

An active facilitation in internal processes of the advisory company is a main part of our portfolio. This includes the procurement of materials,recruitment, distribution, quality assurance and logistics.

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Accompanied by the custom value chain

Our claim is an accompaniment of the customers through the entire value chain in their companys. From a business idea to the complete implementation locally.